Top 10 Android stories of the week (July 15th)


The amount of Android news each week can be overwhelming, but you can follow the best of the best with an app called EarlyBird – News for Android. It includes ALL of the Android news you crave and lets users decide what matters most to them.

You can download the app on the Google Play Store or, for desktop users, find related discussion in the Android Forums News section.

Here’s what you picked as your favorite news stories for the week:

#10 – Pushbullet and Join Comparison

If you’re looking for the best Android app to share media, links and more between your smartphone and PC, then you’ll want to check out this video comparing Pushbullet to Join. Pushbullet upset many folks when they announced a new subscription-based service, and that’s when Join came into play.

#9 – Hangouts version 11

Many folks have been (im)patiently awaiting the next release of Google’s Hangouts messaging application. Hangouts Version 11 was released to the Play Store and brought a few different changes with it.

#8 – Google Hands Free

After introducing Hands Free mobile payments back in March, Google has just released a video that details how developers can integrate the services. This video walks developers through the process of integrating Hands Free into their company’s Point of Sale system.

#7 – Google Keyboard version 5.1

Google Keyboard version 5.1 was already included for those with the Android Nougat beta, but the update wasn’t available to everyone else. Google has released the latest version to the Play Store and includes a new theme selector and Unicode 9.0. However, if you want to take advantage of the newest emoji’s in Unicode 9.0, you’ll need to be on Android Nougat.

#6 – Google Hangouts Video

Google released the latest version of its Hangouts messaging application to the Play Store. The update brought the much awaited addition of video messaging. Users will now be able to record 60-second videos or attach a video that you’ve already recorded, then send it to your various contacts.

#5 – Superbook

If you want to use your Android device as a tablet without purchasing another tablet, then you’ll want to check out Superbook. This device displays a traditional computing UI when you attach your Android device to it. Once the KickStarter page opens up, the Superbook will start at just $99.

#4 – Clock App Update

Google is preparing for the release of Android 7.0 Nougat, and has updated its own clock application in preparation. The update includes Android N support, Multi-Window support, Direct Boot support and a warning when alarms are silenced by device settings.

#3 – Nintendo Shares Spike

Pokemon GO has exploded over the last week, and Nintendo is reaping all of the rewards. Despite the issues surrounding the servers and random crashes, Nintendo saw its shares spike 24.5% in Japan.

#2 – Google Leaked Renders

Google is rumored to be working on two new Android Wear smartwatches with Google Assistant baked in. Android Police has released two renders that display what the two smartwatches could possibly look like if they are ever released.

#1 – Google Calendar Snooze

Some time ago, Google removed the ability to snooze events via Google Calendar. An APK tear-down of the latest update shows evidence that Google may be working on bringing that functionality back. Additionally, the tear-down showed that users may be able to customize the exact time you want the event snoozed until.

What’s YOUR top news item for the week?

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