Sprint and McDonalds will soon become some of the best Pokemon GO locations


Well, that didn’t take long. Pokemon GO has blown up into a global phenomenon of a game, and now big businesses are starting to explore how it can help them flourish. Both Sprint and McDonald’s seem to be the first partners for the sponsored locations program Niantic revealed was in the works.

Sprint already had an official announcement regarding their participating, with the company offering Pokestops and lure modules at all their locations (as well as Boost mobile locations). Even more, Sprint will have charging stations to get you topped up for your next adventure, and will even have Pokemon GO experts on hand to help teach people how to play the game to its fullest.

“We welcome Pokémon Go players to visit their local Sprint and Boost Mobile stores to capture some of the monsters in town,” said Roger Sole, Sprint chief marketing officer. “Our knowledgeable staff will help you download the game on your phone, explain how it’s played, locate PokéStops in the area and even provide a power up for your device so game players can continue their adventures fully charged.”

McDonald’s supposed participation seems a little more laid back, with the company only opting to try things out in Japan. A report suggests the company’s restaurants will either be Pokestops or Pokemon Gyms, and will also provide charging stations to trainers on the go. It’s unclear if McDonald’s will ever expand the promotion to more countries.

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