Deal: AT&T offering BOGO promotion on the Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S6 Active, LG G5 and V10


Between now and August 31, AT&T wants to give you a free phone! Buy the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and you’ll get a second one for free. The promotion is being offered to those who purchase the Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S6 Active, LG G5 and V10. Both phones must be from the same manufacturer, so you don’t be able to mix and match the LG and Samsung devices.

AT&T is offering the deal to current and new customers, but the second line needed to get the new phone must be a new line. Check out all the details of the promotion below before heading over to your local AT&T store.

AT&T BOGO details

  • Purchase both phones on either AT&T Next Every Year, AT&T Next or, for business customers, on Equipment Installment Plans (EIP):
    • Both phones must be from the same manufacturer.
    • The first phone can be a new line or an upgrade.
    • The second phone needs to be a new line.
    • The phones may be bought on any combination of AT&T Next (30-month contract for up to $695 or $23.17 a month), AT&T Next Every Year (24-month contract for up to $695 or $28.96 a month), or for business customers only, EIP (24-month contract for up to $695 or $23.17 a month) or EIP (36-month contract for up to $695 or $19.31 a month).
  • Add both phones to a qualified service plan, like the AT&T Unlimited Plan2 or a Mobile Share Value plan, for as low as $70 a month for 2 smartphones on Mobile Share Value.
  • Pay just taxes for both phones at sale.
  • Start receiving bill credits after 3 bill cycles or fewer – up to $695 spread out over the monthly bill cycles of your installment plan. Or, you can apply the monthly credits towards the purchase of other eligible smartphones, which will be discounted but not free.
  • BOGO must consist of devices from same manufacturer and the total amount of credit available varies by manufacturer.


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