New Galaxy Note 7 pictures leaked alongside promise of improved features


We’ve got a lot of Note-related stuff to talk about this morning following yesterday’s announcement of its unveil date. For starters, new blurry cam pictures of the device have surfaced. They don’t show much more than the images we saw a few days ago — it’s a damned big Samsung phone with a curved display. We can’t say we were expecting something else, what with all the leaks we’ve seen in recent weeks.

More than looks, though, a Samsung official was able to confirm that the device will have improved features. Ha — if we weren’t hearing that, we’d be worried. The Samsung executive who promised the improvements obviously didn’t go into much detail regarding what’s in store, but we know Samsung to be working on improved multitasking software functionality, and the S-Pen is sure to see some considerable improvements.


Previously-leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

We’re also expecting brand new features like an iris scanner, and although the photos up above don’t really give much in the way of evidence we’ve heard enough in previous reports to be convinced. All that’s left is to wait for the company’s August 2nd announcement to take in all the details we can.

[via SamMobile]

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