Project Fi customers now get free high-speed data roaming in over 135 countries


Project Fi users have already enjoyed no-hassle data access when traveling abroad. You pay no more for using 1GB of data ($10) in another country than you do at home. Unfortunately, that data hasn’t always been fast, with many having to use reduced speeds that are likely only appropriate for basic communication.

But that changes today. Google’s international roaming partner Three is now offering high-speed data for Fi customers traveling abroad. You’ll get those speeds in 135+ countries, the vast majority of which, Google says, make up the most frequent travel destination that Americans seek (to the tune of 97%).

Google’s also holding a summer sale on a Nexus 6P for those getting ready to jet: $150 off. That’s not a bad deal at all, and you’ll want to take advantage if you want to experience the simplified international carrier experience that Fi offers. The deal will begin today at 10AM pacific at the Project Fi website, though Google hasn’t yet stated how long it will last.

[via Google]

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