This could be our first look at Google’s very own in-house smartwatches


Hand-made renders of HTC and Google’s upcoming smartphone(s) began making the rounds last week, giving us a good idea of what to expect when it launches later this year. But the next Nexus (or just Google?) phones aren’t the only pair of devices the search giant has planned for 2016.

google android wear nexus smartwatches

New renders of Google’s very own in-house smartwatches have been published by Android Police and although they aren’t actual leaked press renders, they were allegedly re-created from actual source material. That being said, we’re looking at a pair of Android Wear devices — a beefier-sized sports model codenamed “Angelfish” and a smaller, more elegant model dubbed “Swordfish” — both featuring Google Assistant baked right inside.

The bigger Angelfish model is said to a standalone smartwatch (no smartphone needed), so expect 4G LTE and more than likely a bigger battery to boot. Since this will be Google’s premier smartwatch, expect the whole kitchen sink including heart rate sensor, GPS, and support for Android Wear 2.0’s standalone apps. The smaller Swordfish model will likely give up some of these hardware features in the name of style, we’re guessing more suited for a woman’s wrist with a thinner profile.

Both models will, of course, support Google’s new MODE smartwatch bands for easy swapping. Let’s hope new straps are added to the lineup before then.

Either way, hard details on these watches remain scarce and while these renders are said to be accurate, there’s no telling where in the design process they were taken. Knowing all that, the end result we see later this year could (and likely will) look slightly different.

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