Google is reportedly working on two Google Assistant-integrated Android Wear smartwatches


If you’ve been wanting some new Android Wear smartwatches, then you’ll love this latest report from the guys at Android Police. The latest report states that Google is currently working on two Android Wear smartwatches with Google Assistant integration.

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Google Assistant was introduced at Google I/O 2016 as an improved way for users to interact with Google, mainly using natural language queries and receiving natural language responses. An example used at the conference was a conversation that can be had with Google Assistant without having to break or phrase your question in a manner for Google to understand.

As for the smartwatches, there will reportedly be a smaller one codenamed “Swordfish” which will feature a diameter of 42mm and will be just 10.6mm thick. “Swordfish” will also feature one button on the right hand side that “is quite similar to that Apple Watch’s crown.” The smaller smartwatch will come in three different colors but will lack an LTE or GPS chip, with the sources leaning towards the Swordfish not including a heart-rate monitor.

The larger of the two is codenamed “Angelfish” and will feature a diameter of 43.5mm and a thickness of 14mm which is reminiscent of the LG Urbane LTE. “Angelfish” will feature three different buttons, with the crown in the center of the right hand side, and two smaller buttons on either side of the middle button.

The larger smartwatch is reportedly coming in just one “titanium” color and will include a GPS, heart-rate monitor, and LTE chip. These would allow “Angelfish” to take full advantage of the standalone Android Wear apps that Wear 2.0 introduced.

The report does not state when these smartwatches would be announced or released, but Android Police gives a “Confidence Rating” of 9/10. The level of confidence of the report can be attributed to receiving information from multiple sources. However, there is still a possibility that these devices can be changed and features will be different from what was reported originally.

[via Android Police]


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