The OnePlus X might already be retired


If you’ve looked at the OnePlus store lately, you’ll notice that many variants of the device are out of stock, with only the such and such being available at any given time. Well, it appears there’s reason for the dwindling availability: OnePlus might be getting ready to retire it.

Reports from users trying to order the phone tell of responses from customer service noting that the device is out of stock and that there are no current plans to replenish stock. While there are conflicting reports that say otherwise, one thing seems common: availability of the OnePlus X is extremely low.

oneplus x availability

This might not be a shocker had the phone bee available for a full calendar year, but the OnePlus X has only been available for 8 months now. It’s of little coincidence that this has happened shortly after the launch of the OnePlus 3, what with the company needing to do everything they can to make sure the latest flagship flourishes. Still, we weren’t expecting this to happen for quite some time.

OnePlus has been trending toward a need to slim down for quite some time now. The company had plans for smartwatches, but those will “never” happen, and they’ve expressed their desire to focus on one great product instead of several good products in previous breaths. Is this the early days of that philosophy starting to take hold? We’re not sure, but you can bet we’ll be asking OnePlus to see what’s what.

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