Google wants sanctions brought up on Oracle attorneys for revealing classified information


It’s not enough for Google to have won a major case against Oracle in their defense of using Java in Android — the company wants heads rolling for some of the stuff that went down in that trial. The most eye-popping figure that Oracle waved around was a $1 billion deal between Apple and Google to remain search partners on iOS devices.

Google says the figure was inaccurate and they didn’t deny such a deal, and they event went as far as saying the information was presented without proper etiquette as it was classified, with the company having requested the information be stricken from the record multiple times. The windfall of that mishap could be big for the Oracle attorney who blurted the figure out as Google has been given permission to request sanctions against them.

The windfall of a potential sanction isn’t too clear should the judge rule against the Oracle attorney. It could lead to more fines for Oracle to pay on top of the $3.9 million in court costs Google wants, and could even go as far as a disbarment for the attorney in extreme cases. That said, these types of sanctions are rarely passed, and it’s just as likely (if not more) that the attorney will get the equivalent of a slap on the wrist.

[via ArsTechnica]

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