Verizon could be readying unlimited and rollover data [RUMOR]


We’re not sure how reliable this crazy rumor is, but here it is anyway. A Verizon employee on the company’s subreddit has come forth to suggest Big Red has a big announcement to make tomorrow. While he wasn’t sure what the announcement was, another regular on the subreddit stepped in with the alleged goods.

According to the information, Verizon is getting ready to rollover data (free for those on the XL and XXL plans, $5 extra otherwise). The data you don’t use can be added to your cap for the next month. It’s not clear how much time there is for you to use the data. For comparison, AT&T allows users access to rollover data for one month, while T-Mobile keeps it in your allowance for 12 months.

verizon new plans

Furthermore, Verizon might even be instituting unlimited data. Well, not really. They’re actually doing what companies like T-Mobile already do: once you go over your allotted bandwidth as dictated by your plan, you’ll be slowed to 2G or 3G speeds until your billing cycle resets. This would effectively eliminate overages and allow you to have data in some capacity even when you reach your limit.

Fortunately, it seems as if this particular feature is optional as the document implies you’ll be able to toggle it on or off, so those who would rather be charged overages to get continued access to faster data are free to do so.

Lastly, Verizon could bring unlimited roaming to Canada and Mexico. Again, free for XL and XXL, an extra $5 for everyone else. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled tomorrow to see how this one pans out.

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