Samsung showcases how much better games look thanks to the Vulkan API [VIDEO]


Samsung’s phones have always had some serious gaming chops, and like every phone with quality hardware inside those games only get better thanks to the Vulkan graphics API. Samsung was on hand at E3 2016 earlier this month to show off games optimized for Vulkan.

We get looks at Heroes of Incredible Tales, Need for Speed, and Vainglory. The games all looked a good deal better. It wasn’t a massive improvement in some cases — for instance, Need for Speed seemingly only benefited from improved anti-aliasing, better particle effects, and more realistic water reflection — but they were still quite noticeable.

Watching the video should give you a good idea why everyone is making a big deal out of Vulkan and trying to get it into their firmware ASAP. Be sure to take a look above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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