OnePlus 3 will soon be available in red



The OnePlus 3 has been a pleasant surprise so far. It’s finally the “flagship killer” OnePlus promised several years ago. Right now, the phone is only available in graphite, but a gold option is scheduled for later this year. It looks like there will soon be a flashier option for the folks in China.

A red OnePlus 3 has appeared on the Chinese OnePlus website. It’s the same metal body with a red anodised finish. It’s very likely that this red model will only be available in China. The good news is that you can still order the OnePlus 3 without waiting for an invite. The phone costs $399, and from what we’ve seen so far, it could be the best bargain in the market right now.

Would you be interested in a red OnePlus 3?

[via GizChina]

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