Samsung expected to make $6.8 billion in Q2 thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S7


How well are the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge doing? Pretty damn well. Samsung is selling phones faster than they ever have, and that performance has translated into pure profit.

According to Korea Herald, Samsung is expected to report $6.8 billion in profit for Q2. They have a lot of money coming from a lot of different directions, but the report specifically pointed out the consumer electronics division and the mobile division as the key performers. Profit and revenue in both those divisions are expected to grow a respectable amount.

Ask around the Android lands and it’s almost unanimous that Samsung has the strongest overall package on the market. That could change in a few short months as everyone readies 2nd half flagships, but right now it’s pretty hard to argue against the best of a phone that Samsung put together. You can find out why it’s so good in our Samsung Galaxy S7 review right here.

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