Samsung poised to sell 25 million Galaxy S7s by the end of this month


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s best smartphone ever, and that point will soon be backed up by the sales numbers to prove it. Samsung already hit it out of the park with selling 10 million units in just 20 days.

Now, Dashin Securities is estimating that Samsung has sold around 15 million units of the S7 and S7 Edge so far this quarter, which means the company’s year-to-date shipments could hit 25 million by the time July hits. The firm notes that while it’s only a 1.1% increase over sales from the previous quarter, it’s still a remarkable performance as this is typically when you see demand and shipments on a downward swing.

Say what you want about Samsung, but they got their act together and delivered a series of phones that everyone can like. They shrank their product portfolio and hit 2 key markets at the same time, and they addressed most of the concerns folks had with the previous devices (we’re still missing that removable battery, but with its premium construction we can’t ask for the world).

Things can only get better for the Korean tech giant from here on out, with the Samsung Galaxy Note set to keep the company’s momentum going into the second half of 2016. Are you a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge owner? How satisfied are you with your purchase? Let us know straight ahead.

[via Pulse News]

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