You can now ask Alexa to add new features to your Amazon Echo


The Amazon Echo has turned into quite the useful in-home accessory. Being able to ask questions and quickly order something is so helpful and convenient that it spurred Google to announce the Google Home. Amazon opened up its Alexa voice services to developers last year, and now there are over 1400 different “skills” to use with your Amazon Echo.

Today, Amazon has announced that users will be able to add more skills to Alexa’s voice services without using the Amazon Echo application.

Starting today, customers can browse Alexa skills by categories such as “Smart Home” and “Lifestyle” in the Alexa app, apply additional search filters, and access their previously enabled skills via the “Your Skills” section. Also available today, Alexa customers can use their voice to enable skills: simply say “Alexa, enable NBC News” or “Alexa, enable 7 minute workout” and access them instantly.

This is sure to make the Amazon Echo even better to use, as long as you know what’s different apps and skills are compatible. You can check out the Echo application to get an idea as to what is compatible so that when the time comes, you can easily add the “skills” to Alexa’s skill-set.

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