Uber and Pandora team up to bring more tunes in the car


Uber already lets riders control the music in their ride through Spotify integration, and soon even more options will be opening up. The company has entered a partnership with Pandora for those who prefer that music service.

The partnership is two-pronged. Drivers will get first dibs on a Pandora experience as they will be given free, ad-free, and unlimited access to Pandora stations to play in their car while they drive folks around. That free access will expire at the end of the year, at which time drivers can either choose to continue paying for it or using the ad-supported version.

A bit later on, riders will also get the functionality to play and control their Pandora stations in the car. This should make it easy to get some good tunes going if you don’t want to pay for Spotify or simply prefer the Pandora model. Drivers in the US, Australia and New Zealand will get it first, with other markets sure to follow down the line.

[via Uber]

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