Check out Samsung’s new Galaxy Note UX in all its glory [VIDEO]


Earlier this month, Samsung started rolling out a new beta UX for Galaxy Note 5 users in China and Korea which brought a completely redesigned interface compared to the current UI that TouchWiz sports. Previously, we were only able to see screenshots of the updated UI, but now we’re able to see the new Galaxy Note UX in video form thanks to the folks at HDBlog.

In the video, we see a new, cleaner UI on the Note 5 which includes a more vibrant set of colors that definitely show off the gorgeous display that the Note 5 includes. The biggest changes come in the form of the notification shade and the settings menu. These changes allow for more information to be shown, which take advantage of that huge screen real-estate.

Samsung started allowing users to customize the UI of their devices with the release of the ‘Good Lock’ application, and it’s not yet known if Samsung will integrate some of these features when the Note 7 is released. However, with this beta UX, Samsung has definitely taken a different path to help make a more appealing version of TouchWiz.

Additionally, if you want to test out the new UI for yourself, the awesome folks over at the XDA-Developers Forums have created a ROM that allows you to test out the new changes. This does require root access on your Galaxy Note 5, so take the necessary precautions if you want to venture down this path.

Samsung is expected to unveil this new interface alongside the Galaxy Note 7 when the device is launched in August. With all the rumors surrounding the latest Note device, we can only hope that Samsung has listened to its users and will reinvent the phablet with the next Note device.

Warning: The video above is in Italian, but you will get a full view at what Samsung has been working on.

[via HDBlog]


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