T-Mobile Tuesdays forces Domino’s to bow out of the freebie fest; who’s next?


Yesterday, it was discovered that T-Mobile Tuesdays suffered another setback. This time, the offer for free Domino’s pizza was bombarded by a horde of customers. The orders were so numerous that many people were left unable to order a free pizza from multiple stores in their area. T-Mobile reportedly only had 100 pizza on hand to offer for each location.

Well, it seems Domino’s didn’t like that. The company has had to suspend their T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion until further notice. In a letter sent to Domino’s employees, the company explained that they were unhappy with the promotion as it put too much load on their stores, not to mention it potentially hurts their brand when people can’t get the free pizza they were offered.

Dominos Zero Click wm

Entitlement issues aside, this brings to light a new problem for T-Mobile: how will they sustain these weekly giveaways? We’re sure cost isn’t an issue — they’ve been spending a ton of money to help win your loyalty over the years — but if one company involved with the promotion seems to be discovering bigger problems that could have negative long-term effects, then how long will it be until another is hit with the same dilemma?

If people start rushing to Wendy’s for free Frosties and they run out of stock for actual paying customers, will they leave? If Lyft gets so many orders for a ride that there are no drivers available for other customers, will they leave? Of course, companies like Vudu don’t have to worry about this as their freebie is purely digital, and we’re sure they have the server capacity to handle any sudden influx in movie rentals.

For T-Mobile’s part, they confirm they’ll still have plenty of offers in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app next week, so you won’t be completely out of luck. But it’s only a matter of time before we hit another road bump in this exciting-yet-troubled promotion.

[via T-Mobile]

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