KFC created a take-out box that also charges your smartphone [VIDEO]


Although I don’t eat from fast food chains too often, their marketing stunts always have a way of piquing my interest, especially when tech is involved. After introducing the food trays with built-in Bluetooth keyboards and buckets that print photos from your smartphone, KFC is back with another mobile-centric promotion.

Hitting select KFCs in Delhi and Mumbai, KFC is introducing take out boxes with built-in charging ports so you can recharge while you recharge. KFC is calling them Watt a Box, and it’s not clear how many mAh these limited edition boxes are carrying, but according to BGR, charging times are so slow that he was only able to get about 17% of extra battery in about 30 minutes of charging. Hey, it’s better than your phone draining, right?

As for as KFC’s plans to introduce the promotion outside of India — don’t count on it. The promotion was created by an Indian ad-agency, so — like other regional promotions we’ve seen in the past — it isn’t likely we’ll see this anywhere else. But don’t feel bad, pretty sure we’re still the only country offering the all-meat Double Down. ‘Murica.

Chris Chavez
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