KFC’s ‘Memories Bucket’ prints photos from your smartphone because why the heck not? [VIDEO]


KFC Memories Bucket photo printer

KFC is celebrating their 60th anniversary in Canada with a bucket of chicken that literally prints photos from your smartphone. The finger lickin’ good chain threw together a quick promo video showing off the bucket, while a group of hipsters printed out selfies and pictures of their lunch. Awuh.

It’s not the weirdest thing we’ve seen from the company who, not too long ago, put together a limited run of tray liners that also acted as Bluetooth keyboards so you can type while you stuff your face. If you didn’t think this could be the newest trend in fast food marketing, we later saw Pizza Hut come up with a pizza box that acted as a smartphone projector. We may not have flying cars yet, but don’t you dare tell me fast food technology isn’t advancing at a lightning quick pace.

Unfortunately, despite asking if viewers of their “Bucket Science” video if they would like one of these special buckets, details on how they could obtain one wasn’t provided. We’re guessing they’ll be apart of some kind of promo in the near future, but who knows. Video embedded below.

Chris Chavez
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