Here’s how fast the OnePlus 3 is after “fixing” its RAM management [VIDEO]


The OnePlus 3 impressed the pants off everyone with its 6GB of RAM, but post-launch testing showed how the phone had a tendency to kick apps out of memory after a short time despite phones with lesser RAM able to keep apps open longer. XDA provided a “fix” for the issue, though we can’t really say it’s a fix as OnePlus suggests this behavior is intentional for the sake of battery life.

But if you were wondering how well that “fix” works anyway, you’ll want to hit the play button above. The OnePlus 3 was put back through the original speed test that showcased its issues. The video creator used the same footage from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from the previous test to compare against the OnePlus 3’s latest run.

The results? It performed marvelously well. While the phone still struggled to open games as fast as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge — that’s a GPU or CPU discrepancy, not a memory issue — it was able to keep those games in memory later in the test. Furthermore, the OnePlus 3 was able to pull ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge by several seconds at the end of it all thanks to the lack of work it needed to reload apps.

It’s a nice demonstration of how that much RAM can help improve the speed at which you switch between apps. By now some of you may be compelled to try this out on your own phone, but do note that this would negate the battery optimization that OnePlus has made. That said, we’re not hearing any reports that this method has negatively affected battery life just yet, so it may be worth trying out regardless.

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