Oculus Home for the Samsung Gear VR will be getting a facelift [VIDEO]


Although we’ve seen the Samsung Gear VR headset upgraded a few times, the latest update will be coming to the software side of things. A YouTube video has been uploaded that supposedly details the upcoming changes to the interface of Oculus Home.

Oculus Home is the interface center for both the Gear VR and the Oculus Rift, but the Gear VR has been a bit behind in terms of seeing an updated interface. Now that is expected to change, providing users a better way to access their favorite Virtual Reality content.

The update will bring an extremely similar experience to that found on the Oculus, providing a “living room” look and feel. The update also seems to be extremely fluid, removing any stutter or lag that may have affected users in the past.

As someone who hasn’t used a Gear VR yet, this new interface looks slick and smooth and will definitely help users access their favorite content faster.

[Ubergizmo via YouTube]


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