Google Messenger update brings mini conversation view to Android N


One of the best features of Android N is Direct Reply. This new feature allows you to reply to a message directly from the notification. No pop-ups or shortcuts required. Google is still working on making Direct Reply the best it can be. An update to Messenger includes some expanded functionality for Android N.

Previously, sending a message with Direct Reply would remove the notification after you hit the Send button. The newest version of Messenger in Android N allows for better conversations in the notification shade. Expanding the notification will show a mini conversation, including your replies. When you send a message with Direct Reply, it no longer removes the notification from the shade. You can carry on a conversation without even opening the app.

direct reply mini convo

This is a great example of the true power of Direct Reply. We can’t wait to see what else developers can do with it. A lot of big name apps, including Twitter and Facebook, have already adopted Direct Reply. It should be one of the best new features in the final release of Android N.

[via AP]

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