Samsung’s next Galaxy could ditch a front-facing LED light for a “Smart Glow” ring on the rear


Say goodbye to the LED light, at least on Samsung phones, anyway. The company could be cooking up plans to ditch the light in favor of Smart Glow.

Simply put, Smart Glow is like an LED notification light, only it’s placed on the rear of the device instead of the front, and it’s a ring-shaped light that surrounds the camera module. The light can glow different colors to show info about incoming notifications, calls, and messages, as well as give you status effects such as battery life.

samsung smart glow

The “smart” part comes into play with things like the rear camera. Sure, there’s a selfie cam and that’s all fine and dandy, but using the rear camera to take a selfie might still be a more desirable option if you value the more sophisticated tech in that particular module. To that effect, the Smart Glow can tell you when your face is centered in the camera’s frame to ensure you’re not taking shots of your forehead.

You’re probably bawking at the fact that you may have to keep you phone face down to get glanceable confirmation that something is waiting for you on your phone, but remember that Samsung is moving forward with always-on display. If something’s on your phone, the display can tell you. Having the goods on the rear isn’t such a bad thing, then.

The feature may make its way into the upcoming Samsung Galaxy J2 2016, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung is exploring the possibility of chucking it into a flagship at some point down the line.

[via GalaxyClub]

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