Facebook Messenger makes it easier find the people you want to talk to


Many messaging apps show you a long list of names in alphabetical order or a list of recent chats you’ve participated in. While that often suffices for most people (because we generally know who we want to talk to when we enter a messaging app) Facebook wants to make it even easier to get into a chat session.

facebook messenger

Yes, we know this is an iPhone.

Today’s update to Facebook Messenger revamps the starting page when you first open the app. It’ll now show you up to 4 things:

  • Your few most recent conversations
  • A list of other people that you talk to frequently
  • A show of birthdays if anyone has one on that day or coming up
  • A list of people who are online and available

And if all of that somehow fails, you still have a trusty search box to back you up. The update is rolling out right now.

Quentyn Kennemer
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