Facebook will now make it easier for people to find businesses


Facebook is looking to help build up the ad revenue for selected businesses, and it will do so with the help of users. We all know how annoying it can be to try and find where a new store has opened, and the stores mobile websites can be a pain to use. Facebook is changing this by allowing businesses to create ads for every store.

Facebook Ads

The ad will appear in your timeline, and will allow for you to easily find the closest location. In order for this to work, Facebook will be mining some of your search data to help these ads appear.

In addition to helping users find specific locations, Facebook is also implementing a new feature that allows businesses to track store visits based on the ads.

Advertisers can use store visits reporting to: 

  • See how many people come to your store after seeing a Facebook campaign
  • Optimize ad creative, delivery and targeting based on store visits
  • Analyze results across stores and regions to plan and optimize future campaigns

So, say you want to head over to the new sports store that opened up near you. The store will purchase an ad that will appear in your News Feed along with its location. Then, Facebook will track to see if you clicked the ad to help communicate with the business to measure how impactful that ad was to you actually visiting the location.

[via Facebook Newsroom]


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