Jun 16th, 2016

Yesterday, Google released the 4th developer preview of Android Namey McNameFace. Other than the regular bug fixes that are included to improve performance, we are still learning of new or removed features.

The first change is to the Quick Settings panel. Users have taken to Reddit to show their distaste for a change in how you interact with various tiles.

Tapping the WiFi icon no longer toggles WiFi on and off; instead, it expands to show available networks.

This is a nuisance and definitely takes away the “quick” out of Quick Panel. However, it seems there is already an “Issue” that has been created within the Android Issue Tracker. So we’ll see if Google makes any changes in a future release.

The next change also is in regards to the Calculator tile in the Quick Settings panel. After adding this in the first dev preview of Android N, it seems that Google may have turned this feature off, but left the tile behind.

If you want to see this feature turned back on, Ian Lake from Google, recommends filing a bug report to let Google know that you want the feature back.

Have you found any other bugs or new features in Android N? Drop us a line below and let us know.

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