You can now buy the ultra affordable Honor 5X at Best Buy


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The honor 5X (our favorite low-end Android phone) has been popular for its impressive specs and equally impressive price tag. Up until now, it was only available through online retailers such as Amazon, Newegg, and the Honor website. That’s all about to change very soon.

Best Buy has begun selling the honor 5X online, too, but the important part is that they will also have it in stores. They hope to have the phone in 590 stores by the end of the weekend. It will be available for $199 in gray, silver, and gold. If you’ve been waiting to try one of these out in person, head to your local Best Buy.

We praised the honor 5X is our full review for having impressive specs for the price. If you’re looking for a phone that won’t break the bank, but still has enough bells and whistles to make you happy, the honor 5X is worth a shot.

[via Best Buy]

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