Twitter begins testing Android N Direct Reply and new Periscope button


twitter direct reply

One of the best new features of Android N is “Direct Reply.” You’ll be able to reply to messages directly from the notification shade. No pop-ups or opening the app. This is an incredibly useful feature that allows for quick interactions from the lock screen and while using other apps. As great as it is, Direct Reply will only be useful if developers implement it in their apps.

After updating the UI to Material Design a few weeks ago, Twitter is testing Direct Reply functionality. The Direct Reply in Twitter is working with Direct Messages for at least one user. It works exactly how you’d expect. We’d love to see this for replying to mentions as well.

twitter periscope

Another new addition to the Twitter app is a button for creating a Periscope broadcast. Instead of opening up the Periscope app to go live, you’ll be able to do it from the Compose page. When you select media you’ll see the usual options for photo, video, and a new Periscope button. Tapping the button will take you to the Periscope app.

[via AP, Twitter]

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