Report says Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will indeed have an iris scanner, and even names the company that’ll supply it


Will it or won’t it? That’s the question surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its potential inclusion of an iris scanner. There’s strong evidence to suggest Samsung will use one in their next flagship. A combination of rumors from reputable sources and the first commercial Samsung device with an iris scanner launching this year produces a lot of faith.

Korea Herald reports that the plans to use an iris scanner in the next Note phone are accurate. In fact, they go as far as naming a Korean imaging company called Patron for supplying the components.

The iris scanner may have the ability to read up to 266 unique traits in a user’s eye, which is said to be more accurate than the 40 traits a typical fingerprint scanner can read. With fingerprint technology not being the absolute most secure biometric authentication method out there, Samsung would have a very nice talking point for smartphone security with such a feature. And with the company thinking more and more about business and enterprise with each release we imagine it’ll be important for them to be ahead of the curve.

Quentyn Kennemer
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