Samsung Galaxy Note 6 could have IP68 water resistance and an iris scanner


It seems like these rumors always go in order according to some unwritten rule right? We’ve already gotten the release expectations (July, apparently) out of the way, and now it’s time to divulge into the first mind-blowing rumors about some of the features we can expect.

First of all, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is said to be getting IP68 water resistance. That much isn’t surprising considering the company was able to figure it out for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Note fans who missed it on the Galaxy Note 5 are sure to be happy about that one.

galaxy s7 waterproof leak

Beyond that, more rumors of an iris scanner are popping back up. I know, I know: we’ve heard this one a million times. But this time, we get an entry at a prominent import database with an actual component being tossed around. Does that mean the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will definitely have an iris scanner? Maybe. Maybe not. It could be that Samsung is simply testing the component in device prototypes, but there’s nothing that says whatever they’re testing will be ready in time for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

An iris scanner doesn’t sound very useful at first, but Samsung could be using it for more variety in biometric authentication. It’s a lot better than their Smart Lock in that it can’t be spoofed with a mere photo, and it doesn’t require a ton of light to work. It could also be used for tracking health in S Health, though we’re not sure Samsung has the technology to determine eye health with whatever small iris scanner they were able to cook up.

Other Galaxy Note 6 specs we’ve heard recently include the use of a 5.8-inch display (likely no less than 2560 x 1440 on an AMOLED panel), a 12MP OIS camera, 64GB and 128GB of storage, and a full 6GB of RAM. Samsung typically aims to push the bar with their Galaxy Note launches so we won’t rule out any of these possibilities just yet.

[via SamMobile, GalaxyClub]

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