Jun 15th, 2016

Andy Rubin — the man behind the creation of Android — was on hand at Bloomberg’s tech conference to speak about what he knows best — tech. The biggest conversation he was interested in was AI, which is understandable considering AI and machine learning are becoming increasingly important, as well as Rubin’s interest in robotics.

One choice quote that came from Rubin was regarding how powerful a single AI could. With the combination of a self-conscious AI and quantum computing, he believes it would be enough to power every AI-based system in the world.


Despite that, Rubin did express some potential worries about such a future. No, it’s not Skynet, if that’s what you’re thinking. We’re probably safe from an iRobot-esque uprising.

Instead, Rubin thinks that if we ever achieve that level of quantum computing, it could be used to undermine even the most sophisticated data encryption models in the world today . That’s a valid point and — on grounds of feasibility alone — perhaps a much scarier thought than sentient rebellious robots, as it could spell the start of a new form of Cold War that would probably never end.

But let’s not think too far ahead. We’re still waiting for Google to be able to order a pepperoni pizza for us.

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