You can add 8500mAh worth of juice to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with ZeroLemon’s latest battery case


ZeroLemon’s latest battery pack is out. It’s for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and it packs an 8,500mAh battery into a case TPU case. The case features LED lights to get a quick look at battery capacity, and the case also features USB passthrough charging so you can get both the phone and the case topped up in one fell swoop.

zerolemon galaxy s7 edge

It’s rather bulky when you look at it, but considering you’re getting an extra 150% on top of the Galaxy S7 Edge’s 3,600mAh battery we’d say there isn’t much room to complain. Of course, it being a battery case means you can choose to leave it at home if you don’t anticipate a long day in the sun. It might be good for a plane trip, for instance, or for a long workday where you need to do some heavy lifting.

So, let’s talk about price: you can get one for $59.99 with free shipping from Amazon. The price could jump up, though, as its MSRP is listed as $99.99, so if you want one you’ll want to be sure to order it soon just to be sure.

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