OnePlus 3 leaks in the wild yet again, and it still looks like an HTC phone


Still had doubts that OnePlus will completely bogart HTC’s design language for their latest flagship? A trip at the TENAA not enough to convince you of that much? Well, perhaps a photo of the device laying out in the summer grass will get your attention.

Here it is, and you guessed it — it still looks like an HTC phone. Some might not take issue with that — HTC phones are pretty hot, after all — but we wouldn’t be surprised if some people raise the argument that they should just buy an HTC phone.

Of course, OnePlus may have a few reasons to make you consider buying  their wares, such as the likelihood that it’ll be much more affordable than, say, the HTC 10. And with the company coming to their senses and delivering the features we want it’s not going to feel bad to buy one

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Quentyn Kennemer
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