Deal: Blackberry PRIV for just $375


If you’re a Blackberry fan and have had your eyes on the Blackberry PRIV, Newegg Flash has a great deal going for one right now. You can snag it for $375 before taxes (shipping is free), which is close to $50 cheaper than Amazon’s price. The deal will only be around through June 18th.

This is a great deal considering Blackberry is still selling it for $650 on their own site. Some will argue that the device should have debuted around the $400 or $500 mark to begin with. It certainly might have helped prevent stuff like this.

But nevermind that. What’s done is done, and the Blackberry PRIV is likely to keep struggling, which means it’ll continue to get cheaper and cheaper to buy one. If you aren’t worried about the pitfalls that come with a failing device, such as the lack of updates, then you can head right here to buy one (but to be honest, we don’t see Blackberry leaving folks in the dark even if they finally concede that the PRIV is a failure).

Quentyn Kennemer
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