Vivo teases its latest smartphone, complete with transparency


In today’s smartphone world, there’s not much more room for innovation. Just about every manufacturer provides a quality experience, from the fingerprint scanners to all-metal designs, there’s just not much room to grow. This is apparent by the influx of “bendable” smartphones and tablets that seem to be ready to flood the market.

Vivo Transparent phone

Vivo may be looking at things from a different perspective. The company has just revealed a new product ad that shows a man holding what appears to be a transparent smartphone. You can’t tell much from the ad, other than a device is being held up, which doesn’t really give us much to go off of.

There are two ways to think about this. Either Vivo really is working on a transparent device, a la Iron Man 3, or the company doesn’t want to show off the design of the new device just yet. You can tell from the outlines that there is some type of bezel, so it’s more than probable that the device is actually being held, but was photoshopped out, so the design wasn’t revealed.

The optimist within me hopes that the Iron Man 3 phone is in the works, but this is probably nothing more than a different approach for Vivo to start teasing its latest device.

[via Weibo]


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