Uber Scheduled Rides lets you set a pickup time up to 30 days in advance


When should you actually tap the button that sends your Uber bat signal to nearby drivers? Will there still be drivers around if you wait? How long until they’ll actually arrive? Will there be enough cars? Will you have your stuff together by the time they pull up?

The FOMU is real (fear of missing Uber), but the company is launching a new featured called “Scheduled Rides” that will allow users to set a pickup day and time anywhere from 30 days in advance to 30 minutes in advance. This will dampen the stress of planning on-time travel for airport trips, business meetings, and more.

Uber Schedule Ride

Some additional info on the new service:

  • Launches June 9th in Seattle for business users only
  • Scheduled Rides are priced exactly like a normal uberX ride (Surge pricing may apply)
  • Only uberX to start
  • You can cancel anytime before your car is dispatched to pick you up

The company hopes to bring this to more cities and all users in due time.

Rob Jackson
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