Jun 7th, 2016

The folks at Android Forums are pretty smart. When user karashin complained about his Galaxy S5 overheating he shared with the community two solutions he considered:

  1. Buy a new battery
  2. Buy a Galaxy S5 case

After deciding that buying a case would be a more affordable quick fix – and admitting it’s a bandaid and not a cure – he wondered what case would protect his hands from the heat and offer good grip. What material? Silicon, TPU, plastic?

AF guide chanchan02 chimed in, speaking from experience, suggesting that leather would provide better grip than those alternatives. But what about heat resistance? Well, as pointed out by dontpanicbobby, blacksmiths wear leather aprons for just that reason. If leather is good enough heat protection for a blacksmith, chances are it’ll protect you just fine too. He then shared this sharp suggestion:


You can find that case here.

Another case that was vouched for in terms of both grip and heat protection was the Spigen SlimArmor Case which is also military grade drop tested and doesn’t look bad at all.


Pretty sharp indeed.

With shipping and handling charges the cases could end up equaling the cost of a new battery, so that’s something to consider, especially when others have suggested that buying a spare battery could solve the problem completely instead of covering it. Keep in mind that skimping on price with a battery replacement is a bad idea and you might be better off replacing your overheating S5 with a cheap new Android phone.

Do you have a Galaxy S5 that’s been getting really warm? Were you able to fix the problem? Still looking for an answer? Let us know in the comments!

[Via Android Forums]

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