Withings announces a new smart scale — the Body Cardio with built-in cardiovascular health assessment

Withings Body Cardio

Withings, the manufacturer of products such as the Activité smartwatch and other connected items such as home security camera and smart thermometers, has announced the arrival of their newest smart scale — the Body Cardio. This scale, which has a companion application for Android and iOS, is capable of analyzing more than just your weight.

As the scale’s name implies, the Body Cardio specializes in analyzing much more than a person’s weight. Using Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) technology, the connected scale can get an accurate reading of the user’s weight, BMI, heart rate, body composition. Most importantly, the PWV technology takes measurements that can find risks of cardiovascular health issues and detect heart health.

Withings Body Cardio App

The Withings Body Cardio is on sale as of today exclusively from and within Apple stores for $179.99 with more retailers coming throughout the Summer. Find out more at


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