T-Mobile Un-Carrier 11 happens June 6th


T-Mobile today announced Un-Carrier 11. It’s happening June 6th, and they’ll be live streaming the announcement online.

Both the waiting and the guessing games begin, but a bit of the guesswork has already been done thanks to previous rumors. It’s said T-Mobile is going to introduce a giveaway program that’ll reward T-Mobile customers every month with ice cream, movie rentals, pizza and more. Some lucky folks will even get T-Mobile stock.

The announcement is happening at 1PM Eastern June 6th, and if you need a reminder when that day arrives T-Mobile has made it easy to add it to your Google, Outlook or Apple calendar. Not able to catch it live? Swing back to Phandroid that day as we’ll be sure to cover the announcement.

[via T-Mobile]

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