T-Mobile’s latest Uncarrier perk could net you free Domino’s pizzas, Vudu movie rentals, and Wendy’s frosties


We know T-Mobile is busy at work cooking up the next big Uncarrier move, but we haven’t had a clue what they’re working on. Evan Blass of Venture Beat aims to shed some light, though, as the leakster has given some details regarding the carrier’s latest plans.

According to him, T-Mobile is looking to dig down into the most generous parts of their heart and give you free stuff simply for being a customer. They’ll supposedly introduce an app that’ll offer up free goodies like Domino’s pizzas, Vudu movie downloads, and Wendy’s frosties every week. T-Mobile will also periodically give out movie tickets, gift cards, and even vacations.

But even more interesting than all of that is T-Mobile supposedly planning to give select customers 1 share of stock per line on their account. We’re not sure how they’ll select those customers, but we imagine it’s something that’ll be reserved for some of the longest tenured and most loyal. Granted, 1 share of stock (currently trading at just under $40 each) probably won’t bubble into a fortune over the coming years, but it’d be nice to be able to call yourself a shareholder of your favorite wireless company.

All of it is said to be going down June 6th, so sit tight if this sounds like something you’ll be interested in.

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