Google made a giant interactive web-powered display from 6,000 arcade buttons, and they show how you can do the same [VIDEO]


Google needed something really cool to display in their New York City office’s new lobby. What better way to do that than with an interactive display? But instead of a boring giant touchscreen that’s been done to death, the company instead decided to take 6,000 LED-equipped arcade buttons and plastered them against the wall.

But the lights don’t just serve to show whichever or text you want — they’re actually interactive. You can play games, draw stuff, and manipulate all the shapes, letters and objects you want. It’s like a real life Google Doodle!

google interactive led display

The best part is that the display uses a web-based backend, so the possibilities are virtually limitless in terms of how big or small you want the display to be, and what kinds of games, web apps or other types of stuff you want to use on it.

Google is so proud of this thing that they’re giving you the capability to do it yourself thanks to the newly-launched AnyPixel.JS library. It’s a mixture of hardware and software libraries to enable what you see in the video above. If you have the technical know-how, the tools, and — most importantly — the desire to do it then you’ll certainly want to give it a look-see.

[via Google]

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