The Google Play Store now suggests which apps to delete when you’ve run out of storage


We’ve all been there at some point in time. You’ve downloaded all your music, apps and videos and have run out of space on your device but want to install a new app. The question then becomes “what should be deleted.” It seems the Google Play Store is making this question a bit easier to answer.

Image Courtesy of Android Police

As you can see in the image above, the Google Play Store now polls the various apps on your phone and suggest which apps for you to uninstall to free up some space. Dubbed ‘Uninstall Manager’ this feature has started rolling out to various users, but isn’t available to everyone just yet. There’s no way to tell when or if this feature will make its way to everyone, but lets hope that it isn’t far off.

Uninstall Manager will be extremely useful for those entry-level or mid-range devices that don’t have a ton of space on them. This is also helpful for those who want to easily clean up and uninstall various apps from your devices without heading into the Settings panel.

[via Android Police]


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