Keynotes, Highlights and Sessions: Here are 168 videos of everything that happened at Google I/O 2016


Were you not able to make it to Google I/O this year? Were you able to make it, but unable attend all the sessions you planned to due to lack of space and bad planning? Well, here’s a little bit of reprieve for you.

Google has made a YouTube playlist with 168 videos from the events. Spectators will probably care about 2 videos in particular: the opening keynote where Google announced all their exciting stuff like Allo + Duo, Daydream VR, Google Home, and Google Assistant, as well as the highlight video (also embedded above) that gives a quick recap of everything that happened, including some of cool “playground” experiences Google brought along for fun.

The vast majority of the other videos are for developers who want to learn more about development around specific topics. We covered a great deal of the important news that spawned from these sessions, such as the new Project Jacquard Levis jacket, as well as the ability to run Android apps on Chrome OS, but you’ll want to give them a viewing for more detailed explanations, coding examples and API details.

There may not have been any crazy giveaways and the tents might not have been able to hold as many people as a session should have been able to, but Google I/O was still a blast and this is a nice way to relive it if you were unfortunate enough to sit this one out. Have a look at the full YouTube playlist right here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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