Lenovo says Motorola did not meet expectations after acquisition


Well, Lenovo is throwing their hands in the air and letting it all out. Their latest financial report is mostly positive — they made $1.6 billion on the fourth fiscal quarter and $6.6 billion in profit all year — but the mobile business likely wasn’t a large reason for it.

In fact, Lenovo seemed to blame their inability to do better on their mobile division as a whole. On Motorola’s part, they said the acquisition did not meet expectations. Motorola had been struggling financially from the time Lenovo proposed a purchase and throughout much of 2015. It’s what prompted Lenovo to refocus their mobile division and take control of Motorola operations instead of the autonomy that was once promised.

Lenovo even went as far as dropping the Motorola name from consumer marketing — they’re now simply known as “Moto” when it comes to consumer-facing advertising.

That said, Lenovo isn’t using Motorola as a scapegoat. They acknowledge that China has become increasingly competitive over the years, and notes that a shift from carrier-driven to an open market is happening. That’s why Lenovo is throwing all their weight behind their ZUK brand to compete with affordable, yet premium options from Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi.

In the US and everywhere else in the world, their plan will be to introduce a much more competitive product portfolio, and if leaked renders of the potential Moto Z are anything to go by it seems they might be able to do just that.

[via Lenovo]

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