HTC plans to show off its first in-house VR game, Front Defense, at Computex


Virtual Reality is taking over the world, slowly but surely, and HTC has plans up its sleeve to show off something new at Computex, Taiwan’s biggest trade show of year. According to Android Central, HTC will be showcasing its first in-house game developed for the HTC Vive, Front Defense.

We aren’t entirely sure what type of game Front Defense will be, but it will include “a variety of classic personal weapons, from pistols, rifles, submachine guns,” and more. It would be awesome if this game was a First Person Shooter (FPS), but we’ll have to wait to see exactly what’s in tow.

HTC is trying to use Computex as a base to get information and feedback regarding the Vive itself, but also some feedback on the gameplay and overall experience. The company will have a “mixed reality demo in a green room” to showcase the possibilities of Virtual Reality with the HTC Vive.

In this green room, HTC is also expected to show off the following games and VR experiences:

  • Holodia – world’s first virtual reality fitness experience, people like living in Babylon or in France Aiguebelette Lake, in fantastic environment, people want to forget fatigue, achieve the most perfect body.
  • Jeeboman – outside world by unknown alien robot invasion, quickly stood out with outstretched hands, took up arms to transform into Superman Jinbo, activity your muscles ready to defend to save their homes, repel alien robot!
  • Ruckus Ridge – up to see who occupied the box, together with friends race, enjoy the fun of stimulating pleasure. Space Pirate Trainer- and surrounded by wave after wave of enemies appear, you will be a gun and shield hold on brave face challenges.

Computex is scheduled to kick off on May 31st, and will last until June 4th. Many companies are expected to make some type of appearance, but we know for sure that HTC will be there attempting to make a splash.


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