Tiny Tower triumphantly returns to the Play Store


Tiny Tower 5 years

I hope my boss isn’t reading this because my productivity just went out the window. Why, you ask? Tiny Tower. The fun 8-bit game that allows you to build your own little community filled with Bitizens has made its return to the Play Store after a little hiatus.

For those who have no idea what I’ve been rambling on about, Tiny Tower is a tower builder type of game. It allows you interact with those who live in your tower (Bitzens), and you must keep everyone satisfied by building new floors, assigning jobs, and increasing the population. 

Back in 2011, Tiny Tower splashed onto the Android Market after making its first introduction on the iOS App Store, and took the world by storm. The game was so popular that it made it onto Phandroid’s best Android games to kill time. The game featured spin-offs that included Star Wars: Tiny Death Star and Tiny Tower Vegas.

Unfortunately, the game lost support from its publisher, Mobage, last year, but that didn’t stop its original developers, Nimblebits, from bring it back. Nimblebits tweeted on May 20th that the game would be coming back to celebrate its 5-year anniversary and today is the day that it’s come.

What makes Tiny Tower so awesome compared to other similar games is that you aren’t tied to in-app purchases to build progress. You can just wait out for a store to get finished stocking, or for a new apartment floor to be built. But once your tower is large enough, there’s almost ALWAYS something for you to be doing to manage the upkeep.

There’s also a bit of strategy involved in the game as you need to make sure that your Bitizens are happy and don’t want to just roll out of their job. With each floor you build, you need to be conscious of each Bitizen’s strengths and build the best tower possible.

I’m really excited about this game coming back to the Play Store even though I know my productivity will fall to the way-side a bit. Regardless, if you want to get more of an idea of what’s going on, hit the link below and download Tiny Tower for free.

Download on Google Play: Tiny Tower


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