Pokemon GO beta invites are now headed out to US participants


Signed up to be in the Pokemon GO field test for the US? There’s good news: invites are going out. You’ll want to head to your inbox right now and see if you were lucky enough to be in the first wave.

Pokemon GO 2

You’ll be able to walk around and catch Pokemon, or find eggs that will hatch into Pokemon after you take a certain amount of steps. You can also watch your Pokemon evolve as you continue training them. Then, you’ll likely want to be hitting up the Pokemon gyms around to start trying to claim control of the gym for your faction.

Sounds exciting, right? We’re not sure how long the field test will last, though we presume it will go through the launch of the game later this year as Niantic has expressed their commitment to keep reiterating as much as they can to make this the amazing game it deserves to be. Let us know if you got in!

[via Niantic]

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