Your next phones and tablets may be equipped with either a 4K or 8K display


Sony turned a lot of heads with the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium and its 4K display. This marked the first time that a smartphone featured a 4K display, but there were some caveats with this device. Mainly, the 4K display could only be activated when viewing photos and videos. However, it seems we may not be far off from a device that features a display that shows all of your content off in 4K.

Tianma, an LCD and AMOLED display manufacturer in China, has started showing off a 5.2″ 4K x 2K display, and a 10.4″ 8K x 4K display.

“Currently, the top performing displays can reach around 600 PPI, or even 700 PPI,” said Lu Do, Director of Marketing, Tianma NLT USA.  “We’ve pushed the boundaries of design and process limitations in TFT, CF material, and cell processes to achieve 847 PPI.”

Tianma is showing off the new 5.2″ 4K display and 10.4″ 8K displays at Display Week 2016 in San Francisco, but we are expecting this to just be the tip of the iceberg. Other popular display companies such as Sharp, Sony and Samsung are more than likely working on 4K displays and we should start seeing a wave of new displays in the near future.

[via Tianma]


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