Get 2 free months of Google Play Music courtesy of TripAdvisor


Imagine you’re traveling the world and you want to listen to some great music that compliments the area you’re in. Well, a new update to TripAdvisor will do just that with integration with Google Play Music.

Starting today, you will receive some suggested playlists depending upon where in the world you are. You can access this feature directly within the TripAdvisor app, and then you will be directed from TripAdvisor and into Google Play Music to listen to whichever playlist you choose.




Wherever you go, or whenever you start planning your next vacation, TripAdvisor and Google Play Music have your ultimate holiday soundtrack sorted. Travelers can listen to Cafe Italiano while sipping an espresso in Rome, rave to the Underground Club Sounds of Berlin and dance to Sao Paulo Funk.

Here are some of the playlists that you can find in various cities around the world:

There is a catch to getting the two months of Google Play Music for free (as usual). You must be a new subscriber to GPM and have never redeemed any other offers before. Luckily, you can still access the playlists for the city of your choice regardless of whether you’ve subscribed before or now.

Download on Google Play: TripAdvisor

[via Official Android Blog]


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